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NEW VIDEO ~ ‘Pablo Escobar’ music video by Vanessa Forero.

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero recently unveiled an animated music video for her new single “PABLO ESCOBAR”.

It is a captivating piece of animation with folk / acoustic music and a very interesting take on the live and story of the drug king pin of Columbia.

It tells his story through this music Video “Pable Escobar” taken from her new album.

Apparently the song came to her in her dream and she felt obliged to complete it.

The song was released after three whole years, as the songwriter was unable to come to terms with the pain the subject of her song had caused and did not want to propagate what he did in any way.

However, staying true to her dream she finally released it, coming to terms with the fact that art isn’t always comfortable or pretty.

The brilliantly amazing video was shot in collaboration with Uk based animator Malky Currie.

Animation and illustration: MALKY CURRIE
Written and performed by: VANESSA FORERO
Recorded and produced by: VANESSA FORERO
Mixed and mastered by: DANIEL JAMES

Have a watch and leave a comment below in the comments section to tell us your thoughts !

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