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URBANOLOGY – Debut Album By – Qube

Urbanology is a six-track album from music producer and composer Stefan Setchell aka Qube.

It is the first of many albums of electronic music that he plans on releasing.

The music is very different with thick atmospheric layers and elements with its ups and downs.

It takes you on a journey like you have never taken before, we sure are liking his fresh take and distinct style of music.

Each track has an individual theme telling a story with rich layers of sound, you can feel the urban elements infused into his music.

With distinctively different sounds in each track, this makes an album which will surprise you on each turn that it takes, keeping you wanting to hear more.

Urbanology serves up a sequence of candid snapshots of present-day life surrounding the British underground rails through the eyes of Qube.

It literally feels that you are traveling along with him and can hear this through the sequencing of his tracks throughout his album, from boarding the train, disembarking from it, getting out into the open, the rush hour time madness, finally getting back to the sanctity of – home.

Qube explains :

When composing I like to let the music evolve in an organic method, as if the music is creating itself, my tracks evolve and develop and go through many changes, a finished track will undergo many alterations and adaptions before completion. Urbanology marks a distinct change in style, the tracks are still instrumentals but have more of a β€˜song’ like feel to them.


This being his debut album we feel he has done terrific work and cannot wait to hear what surprises he has in store for us next.

If you haven’t heard Urbanology, do yourselves a favor, listen to this refreshingly unique album.

Stream the entire album below!

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