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Marina Unveils New Video – To Be Human

To Be Human

This single video release ‘To Be Human’ by Marina is part of her new double album Love + Fear out on April 26th.

The video is an expression of her thoughts of the current state of affairs in our world.

Through the video she is seen advocating for Human Rights, expressing the sorry state, the greed, poverty, the politics of it all and how we go on about living our lives as if it isn’t got anything to with us.

‘Its right in our faces and through the video, she makes that damningly evident by featuring footage from historical wartime clips, black lives matter protests and several other cultural movements from around the world.

It talks about challenging the status quo, the division of race, culture, sex, constantly tagging people as – “OTHER”, something that we have created amongst ourselves which is more inside our heads than anything else.

This song, “To Be Human” is her “most political song” to date, I wanted to express the state of our world through the video. “I think all of us can’t afford not to be engaged,” she says.

You can pre-order her new double album – Love + Fear here.

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