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Aggrolites Release New Video For Their Album ‘Pound For Pound”

The Aggrolites released this new video for single ‘Pound For Pound‘ from their new album ‘Reggae Now’.

The track has an uncanny feel to one of many Bob Marley’s tracks the golden boy of Reggae music.

If I would’ve heard the track randomly without having heard the name of Aggrolites, Id guessed its one of Bob Marley’s tracks I haven’t heard.

We heard the whole album and really like the happy go lucky lighthearted vibe to their music.

Packed with energetic reggae vocals the track is full of life and brimming with joy.

An instant mood lifter, this track will get you in the groove instantly.

We think they have done a wonderful job and definitely commend them as one of the bands that have the potential to bring reggae its popularity that it enjoyed in the ’60s.

The rhythm, the tempo, the synths, vocals all are perfectly in que for a simple two-cord reggae.

I would definitely be listening to this track for some time to come to keep me from those blues.

The complete album is masterful and can be heard on your Sunday evening’s to get in the groove for those dreadful Monday morning’s.

If you liked this track you can stream their complete below!

Connect with the artist here.

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