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Step by Step guide to book a gig as an Indie artist


Regardless of what anybody lets you know, we can’t seem to figure a musical experience that can level with the fan associations a Artists can invoke through their live show.

There is something in our DNA… That is significantly affected by live music.

Perhaps it’s the common shared experience with those in participation or the nostalgic effect that a performance can create for a specific time in our lives.

Or perhaps it is something more primal; of syncing our natural biological rhythm with live drum and bass as it vibrates through our bones.

In any case, Performing LIVE…

Is still without a doubt the Most Ideal Approach to make faithful fans and battle the constant change of “musical tastes culture” we live in.

All things considered, building up a following… is no stroll in the park.

You need to devote hours-upon-hours of time tweaking your set and constantly promoting your shows.

It will be tedious, and achievement won’t happen overnight, however on the off chance that you buckle down you’ll inevitably move on from grimy bars to better rooms.

In addition, I can sincerely say nothing could match the feeling you will get from performing before a room brimming with people and, in case you’re fortunate, the committed following you will gain from gigging out.

With the music scene exploded in the last decade, there are a plethora of artists available to choose from.

So then, how does one ensure that their roster is filled with gigs and performances…?

Here are a few tips on the most proficient method to book that first gig, and how to get welcomed back!


The very first step is to take is to do your research; no one appreciates a person who hasn’t done his homework.

Research the venues available in your city and surrounding vicinity.

Chart out the most apt venues suitable to your style and genre that you play, however, never leave anything to guesses. The reason being you never know who may be looking for what at that particular point in time. Sometimes the least expected places are where you may find your answer.

Target the ones closest to your area and then span out on wider search radius…

Rule of “5s”? –

Make a list of the first 5 venues you would like to approach and then the next five. This helps keep things simple.

Once you have narrowed down on your subject and made a handy list of the venues you may begin to approach.

2. Be Professional In Your Pitch

No matter how much you may not like it…,

People make their impression of you by the way you appear at first, even before you start speaking.


Look neat and tidy, this does not mean you need to cut your hair, if you have grown your hair long, it only means that be presentable.

Indeed, the promoter realizes that you’re self-booking.

Regardless… they need the solace of realizing you will pay attention to the night.

Remember that they’ve likely gotten a couple of hundred other “booking request” that week…

Ask yourself..?

What’s going make them offer you an opening on one of their evenings over those different groups/DJs/bands?

Some approaches to be proficient include:

  • You may want to practice your style of approach a few times, do this with the help of a friend, family or in a front of a mirror.
  • A compact, clear headline (i.e: Booking Inquiry – PINK FLOYD DECEMBER Date @ UV?).
  • Provide useful and apt information in the body of your email. Incorporate a depiction of your music, where you’re from and any prior performance history.
  • It is additionally important to incorporate a connection to where the person you are pitching to can tune in to your music and look at your socials.
  • Ensure you do not to have any grammatical errors!

Follow up…

Roughly 3-5 days subsequent to connecting on the off chance that you don’t hear back.

Likewise, don’t falter to get the telephone. Sometimes it is the most ideal approach to slice through the jumble of acts hitting up an promoter.

Always carry a demo of your performance, ensure that the quality of sound is good and available in all formats (.WAV, AAC, .FLAC, .DSD, .mp3, etc.)

3. Keep In contact With The Promoter Ahead Of Your Show

Nothing makes…

A talent buyer/ organizer more anxious than booking a band/DJ and not hear back from them  until they appear on the night of the act.

Give the Organizers reports on what you’re doing to get party goers to come see you.

Likewise share any special resources, for example, Facebook occasions or flyers with the organizer too.

4. Advance On Socials and Ask Your Friends

As a matter of fact, PROMOTE…, don’t simply appear!

Also, don’t limit the benefit of hanging flyers (especially in the scene) and calling/messaging your friends.

Now and then those personal invitations are more important than on social media.

5. Your A-Game

Put in WORK prior to the gig to have an INCREDIBLE A-ct.

By the day’s end, that is what will guarantee people want to hear you again and get you welcomed back.

6. Speak With The Promoter on The Night Of

Acquaint Yourself….

With the organizer when you arrive and express gratitude toward him/her for having you.

Do this again toward the night’s end.

7. Follow Up After You Performance

After a few days of the Gig…

Email the organizer/promoter.

Thank them again for having you and after that see what forthcoming dates he/she has accessible.

If you can get into this routine with a couple of various promoters, you can put a pleasant little circuit together for yourself.

8. Never Overbook

Space out… your dates in random markets!

On the off chance that you play a lot in a similar region, you’re going to in all probability become monotonous.

Clearly, when you first begin playing, you could do a number of low profile acts to end up as an established performer, yet once you’ve accomplished a dimension of trust in yourself, make an effort not to play your more than once every month at the same market.

Organizers won’t be happy in the event that they discover you’re playing nearby next week.

Neither will your  fans and friends be as slanted to turn out and support in case you are ALWAYS playing out.

*Remember these eight things and you’ll be well on your WAY to building your ARTIST profession!

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