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SOUND ABODE – Music School in India

Music School In India

Sound Abode a Music School In India, Pune

We stumbled upon this one by pure Luck! Through one of the events that we happened to post about one of the artists on our website at

We got in touch with the guys at Sound Abode music school and asked them about what they did?

Founder / Owner Abhinav Agarwal at Sound Abode Academy got in touch with us.

He helped us understand about Sound Abode Academy, what this creative music school in India was all about.

How they go about with their courses and what set’s them apart from the other Music Schools in India.

Before we delve into the details..

WE would like to add that Sound Abode is not exclusively a music production school, they also :

  • Collaborate with various event’s to help organize them. This acts as an added benefit to their students.
  • Providing their students with a platform to perform at live events in clubs and bars around giving them the right kind of exposure that they need.
  • Run Live Facebook Radio shows from time to time.

What Is Sound Abode?

At Sound Abode Academy we offer courses in DJ training & Electronic music production.

These courses are specially designed for people…

Who want as small a gap as possible between musical inspirations and realizing those musical ideas.

What is the main Aim you wish to Achieve?

The tagline says it all – “We offer knowledge and ideas for you to deliver a better musical experience”.

He adds…

Our aim at Sound Abode is to offer knowledge and ideas for you to deliver better musical experiences, for individuals who want to take DJ’ing and music production up as a profession.

Sound Abode Academy faculty are :

  • Highly passionate about their teaching.
  • This passion is directly reflected and conveyed through their highly detailed, in-depth and professional courses.

What brought about the conceptualization of Sound Abode?

It all started with Sound Abode studio back in 2014.

We wanted to :

  • Establish a well-equipped studio space.
  • Offer state of the art recording, mixing and mastering services to the music fraternity.
  • A state of the art music school in India people could look upto.


Having realized the popularity of our high tech equipment and zeal to give our best in terms of quality, earned us many accolades throughout the music industry.

Our associations with some of the most esteemed names in the industry.


Our ever – growing thirst for the right knowledge in DJ’ing and music production brought us to open our very own Music academy with the same business ethics intact.

Sound Abode Academy came into being in 2015.

Ever since…,

There have been enormous updates in the equipment, curriculum, affiliations.

We constantly look forward to establishing a better and more robust system for all our trainees / students to provide them with latest the technology in terms of DJ training and music production.

We feel that the evolution in electronic music is advancing as we breathe and this evolution is endless.

Over the last decade, we have seen dozens of new genres taking birth and getting popular.

A big role in new age music and its sonic capability is advancement in equipment both digital and analog.


The major part of our curriculum is to focus on analog synthesizers, drum machines, digital audio workstations like Ableton Live10 and Push 2 to name a few.

We have incorporated basic sound synthesis and music foundation for all our trainees so that they can understand the very basis of sound design.

“We strongly feel, that is where the new ideas originate”.

After that what remains is the right amount of practice time and our trainees have unlimited studio practice time.


We believe that our trainees are future musicians and to develop a strong music fraternity we offer group classes, serving as a mixer to meet other students, exchange ideas and learn other soft skills, along with designated master classes from guest faculty.

Something For Everyone :

  • They provide courses for kids, teens and even grown up adults / seniors interested in learning how to make music or simply Dj’ing.
  • 1-on-1 Dj training courses, if learning in groups is not your thing.


We have many proud associations with some of the best venues and event organizers in and around the country which serves as a bridge for our trainees to gain experience and to develop their portfolio for the future.

For students Interested in Training, may contact Sound Abode here.

To get more in-depth information about the courses they have to offer click here

We Leave you With some of the Mixes by their Students. Listen below!

Low Key is Parth Kakati

Then That is Shubham Upsani

Tidal is Manas Sharma

Has anyone taken training through Sound Abode?
Please feel free to comment in the comment section below and leave a review for them.

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