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Solar Powered Band Trapdoor Social Releases Infectious New Single “The Lie”


Trapdoor Social the five-piece band released this infectious new single “The Lie“.

Trapdoor Social is not any other band, they are a band with a cause and purpose to serve, an environmental activist musical collective.

To further their cause for the environment they have recently released this electrifying new single ‘The Lie‘.

The track narrates the ups and downs in a relationship and the active choice people make to avoid conflict.

Trapdoor Social is feeling its way through an increasingly strange and dangerous world with its own brand of earnest, hot-blooded, independent alternative rock.

Most artists now days have started making music with their personal stories or messages wrapped around it.

Sadly, it is nothing but another marketing gimmick rather than an earnest attempt.

They might, in fact, end up doing the total opposite, this is where Social Trapdoor is different.

They not only sing the talk but rock at it as well, with their extraordinary ways.

From having started solar arts & music festival with everything renewable, to their personal solar-powered tour bus.

With its origins in a college environmental studies program, the band has a record of fundraising and activism to promote sustainability.

Having toured across the globe, produced solar-powered concerts and festivals with their unique blend of fiery alternative rock with powerful lyrics have captivated listeners across the globe.

I am really enjoying the single with its glistening synths, smooth vocals, groovy guitar riffs, and hypnotic bass.

Stream the single below!

Let us know your thoughts on the single and keep a lookout for their new album due to release soon.

Trapdoor Social Upcoming tour dates:

August 24: Hermosa Summer Series, CA 

August 15-18: Echo Park Rising, CA 

Connect with Trapdoor Social: Facebook|Instagram

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