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“Investigating fragmented transmissions from the inexplicable realm of Uttsk and venturing deeper into its wild hypnotic rhythms, we found ourselves amidst a glorious living puzzle changing and rearranging in sway with our psychic tones. The flowing puzzle permeated through our beings until there was no distinction between us and the Great Abstract.

In that muddled singularity and inseparable from madness, we resolved to smuggle the message of the Uttsk puzzle out into the world through the deep and starry woods. Although the message is unintelligible to the wits of the common folk, those of us who have visited Uttsk continued to be tormented by the hauntings. The only aid to escape the wretched hauntings is to collectively decode the puzzle and bring forth its message to the world. This message is the Aranyadhwani. The experiment is to exercise or exorcise the puzzle and expose the message.”

This release is dedicated in protest against the dwindling space in public discourse for the preservation of our natural resources and nature’s unabated exploitation by greedy political and corporate institutions.

From Aranyadhwani, we would like to thank all the friends for the trust and the great music and art towards this release, music.


released February 23, 2019

Artwork: Acid Toad, Bangalore (Gaurav Basu)
Mastering: Dog of Tears @ Xexify Studio (David Chaim Cohen)



1.Urjasa – Grimner’s Groove 08:31

2.Ö – Immer Weiter 06:24

3.Darkwing Duck – Wingardium Levigota 08:17

4.LULiO – Patuá 07:28

5.KiΩhm – Langt Utenfor Stien 07:54

6.Weeknockz – Spacetramcisco 07:27

7.Everherz – Old Things May Be Haunted 07:21

8.Ant-Ti – Penumbra 07:47

9.Bloomen & Kedros – Forest Floor 07:07

10.Snitz & Snöks – Electric Twanger 07:56

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