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Men’s T-Shirt : Kali – Dance Of Time


These unique one of a kind Kali – Dance Of Time Psychedelic Print Tshirts are sure to grab eye balls at those Special Gatherings! Jump onto this bandwagon of mystical creations and unravel a new story.

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*Please check the second image for back print.
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Art Story

Eternity is the Mother of time and Kali is eternity illuminating the transcendental human experience.It is the changing aspect of the cosmos she personifies, that life and death are inevitable in the cycle of Time. The wise knows that she is beyond the dimensions of space-time and has no permanent fixation; she existed before the universe was created and will continue to exist after.Kali is Nirvana Shakti, the power that takes us to dissolution.

Please Note:
There might be slight variation in the colour of the print or T shirt due to different monitor settings.

We would request you to get in touch with us in case of any grievance/complaint.

Additional information


-Washing Machine and Hand wash
-Do not bleach
-Warm Iron-Screen Printed Durable cotton T-shirt
80% cotton and 20% polyester T-shirts, super soft and comfortable to wear


Orders are shipped within 1-3 working days.
Delivery time: 3-7 days for India
For international orders the delivery time is 12-16 working days.

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