ANT-TI – Forge Of Life


Ant-Ti – Forge Of Life

By Aranyadhwani –

Hailing from Zhytomyr in Ukraine, is a unique blend of forest and darkpsy. Ant is also a member of the promo group Hypno Wave and the chief designer for the fluoro-shop called Psy-Ho Made.
The Ant-Ti project was born through accumulating knowledge of psychedelic music and art. Using the guidance of psychedelic art, especially unusual and colourful illustrations without a clear meaning inspired him to create a musical experience on similar terms. He encountered psytrance and got acquainted with its direction in 2007, which was an epiphanous phase. He then navigated through various types of electronic music to find a style of his own. Ant believes in the entirety of the psychedelic culture and philosophy beyond just the music.
The music of Ant-Ti is akin to a flow of information that expands the consciousness of anyone that comes in contact with it, which manifests the inner demons of the listener and allows the listener to exorcise themselves of the demons. It is a form of dynamic meditation where the sounds are the shaman.
The album is a result of more than a decade of exploration in psychedelic shamanism.
All tracks written and produced by Ant-Ti.
Album art by Ant-Ti.
Mastering by Goch.
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1.  Ant-Ti – Fairies, Mushrooms & More… 07:19

2. Ant-Ti – Trol Story 09:20

3.  Ant-Ti – FogFrog 07:27

4.  Ant-Ti – Moskito 09:40

5.  Ant-Ti – 3 Elements 07:16

6.  Ant-Ti – Karpatian 08:27

7.  Ant-Ti – Elves 08:22

8.  Ant-Ti – Kosmico 07:21

9.  Ant-Ti – Streaming Chemistry 07:33

10. Ant-Ti – Lamiy 07:06

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