Elliot Lee Releases New Single “Upside Down”


Release Date: 05/08/2019

Album Description

Elliot Lee has recently released her enchanting new Single “Upside Down“.

I was recently introduced to this Brooklyn based artist and was pleasantly surprised with the dark indie pop artists musical style.

The skittish and crispy beats paired with her fast paced vocals give a breath of fresh air to the indie pop genre.

The infectious hip-hop vocals dusted with subtle yet colorful harmonies and innovative electronic soundscapes are a nice touch.

Upside Down” is about feeling like you are at the bottom of the world, always in the worst headspace, always running into obstacles in the path toward a fulfilling life, and wishing it could all be the exact opposite.

Thematically, her music focuses on the concept of overthinking and how it can severely impact one’s ability to cope with life and its obstacles.

Inspired by the feeling of loneliness, the music acts as a reminder that you are never alone.

Featuring edgy instrumentation, bubbly lyrics and layered gritty electronic sounds, the single truly packs a punch.

The single showcases infectious lyrics, bright keys, and shimmering synths.

It implores listeners to look inwards, analyze and embrace who they are rather than fight against it.

Lee explains :

“Our struggles don’t define us; we are all a mixture of good, bad, and ugly, just like everyone else”

Elliot Lee

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