Elise Hayes Releases New Single “Giving Up”


Release Date: 04/12/2019

Album Description

Nashville based American Pop singer-songwriter Elise Hayes recently released her single “Giving Up“.

The empowering single features Hayes glistening vocals, electro-pop soundscapes, and infectious melodies.

Combining infectious pop and r&b melodies with heartfelt and meaningful subject matter, Elise’s songs live in a unique space in the palate of today’s popular music.

The new single is unlike her previous ballad of songs, its rhythmic beats with catchy electro-pop melody will have you singing along.

She has certainly carved her own niche space in the music industry serving up music to her growing fan base.

She says:

“This song acts as a reminder to everyone who has ever been broken up with, that you’re worth so much more and sometimes someone leaving you is the greatest gift, even if it’s hard to see it at the time”. 

– Elise Haye

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