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Midnight Divide Release Sonic Bliss “Inherent Vice”


Indie rock trio Midnight Divide released a new single entitled “Inherent Vice

The Los-Angeles based band has released this single following the video release of their single “Who Do You Think That You Are?”

Featuring wistful soundscapes, passionate vocals, and driving basslines, ‘Inherent Vice‘ electrifies with innovation. 

The band has featured in critically acclaimed TV shows such as “Shameless” & “Animal Kingdom”.

Midnight Divide as strangely as it may seem was born out of the deep dark depths of Craigslist musician ads.

With Jace McPartland on bass, Dan Beltran on lead guitar and Bryan King on drums, the Los Angeles based band delivers cinematic alt-rock with a magnetically fierce sound.

Their New EP Weapons Grade Amnesia covers themes such as self-destruction, self-awareness, and yearning for a better future with hope in overcoming the odds.

The frontman Moret who founded the band confides:

“I think I’ve found over the years that music is really the best way I’m able to cope and express myself in a way that feels honest and real. Somehow you always find the best things to say way after the fact…”

– Austen Moret

The emotion-driven EP features ‘Who Do You Think That You Are?’, a track which was deeply inspired by past poor decisions.

Midnight Divide really manages to radiate through on this song with some brilliantly unearthly sounds.

Showcasing throbbing baselines, fiery vocals, and determined melodies, the song radiates tenacity.

Inherent Vice’ an ethereal alt-rock anthem, is a confident single, oozing with bold instrumentation and impassioned lyrics.

The song details the hope we have to overcome our biggest faults and to ultimately become the person we want to be.

Their next track “Say You believe” is slated for release this October 2019. Keep an eye out!

Listen to the track below!

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