Marc Melia EP “Echoes of Prophet”


Release Date: 09/14/2018

Album Description

Marc Melia’s EP “Echoes Of Prophet” is pure bliss.

Ever so often does once come across an artist that is capable of delivering an album where each track is impeccable and pure delight to listen too.

Marc Melià is a composer and musician born in Majorca, currently based in Brussels (Belgium).

We recently discovered this Catalan multi-instrumentalist, and are brimming with Joy to have discovered/stumbled on to his beautiful work.

“Music for Prophet” was his first solo album released in 2017.

After having spent a year on his unreleased work, he recently released the EP, “Echoes of Prophet .

For performing his music he uses a Prophet 08 synthesizer, voice filtered through a vocoder, and a limited palette of effects.

Creating electronic soundscapes and songs that evoke a sonic area between the classic minimalism and the cinematic music.

Marc Melià breaks the electronic music rules: what you see is what you hear.

Catchy melodies, cosmic future pop synths make you feel like a spec of consciousness floating through the vast chasms of space.

There are no prerecorded sequences or beats, each song is crafted by hand at every concert and is uniquely different.

On a personal level, his is one of the most promising new electronic synth acts we discovered in recent times.

Each track is a uniquely crafted gift to humanity. Its capability to take you on mind bending journeys will leave you spellbound.

The album is like a beautiful journey that you wish never comes to an end.

The sounds are capable of evoking waves of pure bliss and feelings that we find difficult to illustrate into words.

We rather let you hear it and experience this pure joy of an album (EP).

Although a few months old, we could not resist the urge to bring this to our fans.

Artists like Marc, bring fresh perspective to music, continue to inspire and expand the horizons.

Rising above the monotony of commercially churned out music we have a lot of being delivered to us nowadays.

We are so glad to have found him and are looking forward with googly eyes for his next release.

Stream the entire EP below!

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