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Laur Elle Unveils New Single “Just So You Know”

Laur Elle_Just So You Know

Laur Elle recently unveiled her new single “Just So You Know“.

She is an Indie singer-songwriter born in the US and is now based out in Canada.

Her new single is inspired from her life events after hitting a very low spot in her relationship.

It shares a bittersweet tale of a precarious relationship with her ex.

‘Just So You Know‘ starts off with slow vocals and background synths, which immediately takes a leap to an upbeat melodious sound.

Its steady drum beats with flawless echoed vocals bring forth the emotions of the song.

It puts the song in a weird ambit where you don’t know whether to get drowned in the vocals and feel sad or to get lost in the melody of the song and dance.

I really advocate for the theme of this song as it is very important to be open and speak about your emotions then keeping them bottled up.

The song talks about opening up and letting the other person know what you are going through which is important in every healthy relationship.

Making this song highly relatable too with ear welcoming vocals and lush instrumentation.

Laur Elle elaborates :

“I wrote this song after I had hit the lowest of lows in a personal relationship. I felt weak, lost and unsure of who I was anymore. I made the decision to take back my power and slowly regain my voice. Using an unfiltered and honest tone, the song shines a light on a very toxic relationship and shifts the focus to a place of strength.”.

– Laur Elle

Here is a song for all to get inspired and speak their mind freely!

You can connect with the artist here.

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