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Junaco Releases Brand New single ‘In Between’


Los Angeles based lo-fi indie duo Junaco recently released this stunningly melancholic single ‘In Between‘.

Junaco is the foundation of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa.

The single is about facing the reality of being lost and reminding others of our instinctive human emotions

A follow up to their much acclaimed single ‘Willow‘ released earlier this March.

‘In Between’ is an expression of just how similar we really are to each other.

With mellow bursts of epiphany and pleas of gentle seduction give way to driving grooves in Junaco’s music.

The single features melancholy vocals, muted guitars and sweeping organic instrumentation.

The sultry and dreamy vocals of Shahana coupled with the steady drum beats and guitar strums soothe you into a dream-like state.

It is one of those tracks that you want to listen to on a rainy Sunday relaxing at your home.

Junaco hopes to create music that will leave listeners feeling a sense of connection and closeness to.

They desire to make music for music’s sake; that means something honest and true to themselves.

In the hope that someone else might be able to take it and make it true for them, as well.

Their forthcoming single was set out with the intention to create a work pouring with free expression

Their debut EP highlights just how similar we are at our cores.

I really look forward to more music from this duo and I am excited to have found them.

Jaffer reveals:

“The underlying theme is about coming to terms with experiences and hardships we have faced and finally putting them out there. It’s very healing”.

– Jaffer

The single is available to stream below!

You can connect with them on the following social channels: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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