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JaY Against Humanity recently released a new single All Because Of You’


Jay Against Humanity recently released this magnetic new single ‘All Because Of You’.

This is the sixth project by the rapper Jay from Michigan who believes in substance in his music.

The single featuring artist CroftArmani is a beautiful rap melody from his album Kash Kold 3.

The steady drumbeat with the electronic music and the bass just did it for me.

With the sultry and beautiful voice of Croft Armani and the rap of Jay makes it enigmatic track.

The track is an expression of the artists’ feelings about a woman he was involved with at the time.

We are really digging the vibe of this track and grooving at its beats.

I am going to have this on my track list for some time to come and we think you may like it too.

Jay says :

I wanted to make an so into you type of track and I dug deep into my feelings to create this song. 

– Jay Against Humanity

We hope this song reaches out to the woman this song was for and appreciate the art that she has brought out of him.

Sometimes beauty is in the pain, depends on what it makes of us and we really think Jay knows this better than most.

Thank you for writing this song, allowing us to be a part of it and having the heart to share your emotions with us.

If you liked this track give a thumbs up to Jay and follow him here.

You can stream the track below!

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