Janos Unveils New Single “Zero”


Release Date: 03/19/2019

Album Description

Janos a Swedish born and London based singer and song writer recently released his single “Zero”

The track is uplifting, featuring glistening electronic synths, jangly guitars and exudes dreamy vibes that is bursting with energy.

From fragile, heartfelt ballads to funky upbeat anthems, JANOS tells a story relating to the highs and lows of our generation.

Thematically and sonically the music narrates the feeling of dancing with your heart on your sleeve, rich with colour and oozing euphoric surges, JANOS has crafted an infectious and dance-worthy sound.

The track is an uplifting anthem about not letting negative people bring you down.

With some great beats, amazing vocals and groovy guitar melodies “Zero” brings feel good vibes through its mix of sonic soundscapes.

Speaking to him about the single, he say’s :

“It’s not a vindictive song, it’s more like a ‘I do me and you do you’ type of thing, It’s about maximizing who you are and not listening to haters, fake friends and what society tells you to do”.

– Janos

Stream the single below!

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