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INBLISS Releases New Video For Their Track ‘Fluke’ From Debut EP Transitions

INBLISS the electronic duo from India released this visual treat for the single ‘Fluke‘ taken from their debut EP Transitions.

The video is sprinkled with different dynamic types of visuals weaved together creating a visual treat.

The track starts with a sample vocal which builds into a rhythmic and engaging tone that makes you feel compelled to hear it through.

The contrast in mood is very well handled. It is a rousing number that exudes rhythmic intensity.

The freshness of the sound is rather appealing and exciting with absence of musical clichés.

The track is warm, melodic with tender expressions and is an excellent composition.

Rich and resonant bass, crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout.

With bursts of sparkling rich melodies combined with the video make it a hypnotic track.

Each element is perfectly placed/balanced and produced and complimenting each other.

It is a good mixture of low-fi, downtempo, retro making this a top-notch production and overall well-produced track.

Inspired by an array of artists such as Air, Archive, Aphex Twins, Future Sound Of London amongst others.

On what inspires him, he says, I love the late 80s and early 90s electronic acts since their music was never defined to a particular genre. This has contributed a lot of the INBLISS sound.

INBLISS adds :

I think the point I am trying to put across is that everything is a fluke…, we plan and god laughs.


I would definitely be chilling to this track and the rest of the EP for a while to come.

Connect with INBLISS: Facebook| Instagram.

Video Credit: MandalaCircle.

Part of this review was provided by Abhishek Bhadauria a professional recording/mixing engineer from Pune.

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