InBliss Releases Debut EP ‘Transitions’


Release Date: March 8, 2019

Album Description

InBliss an Indian electronic duo recently released their debut EP – ‘Transitions’.

InBliss – The experimental duo that tries to steer clear of the norm of singular genre.

Comprising of Shaurya & Abhilasha Sharma. They combine Shauryas’ songwriting and soundscapes with Abhilasha’s vocals.

We heard this album and were entranced by the wide variety of soundscapes.

Influenced by artists such as Archive, Massive Attack, and Air while keeping its originality.

Transitions‘ is packed with layered and intricately constructed electronic sounds, tastefully crafted into an experimental electronic ambient EP.

Each track is uniquely different yet smoothly transitions to the other without having felt the change.

The music is soothing with groovy vibes which are soul- stirring and adds spice to enjoy your Saturday morning coffee.

I can imagine this music playing in the background while I am doing some work, it would definitely facilitate it and keep me in the groove and going.

It has a magical feel which I cannot just seem to place my finger on.

INBLISS shines through on its versatility, you can see this reflect through his other act Boskytoe.

He has kept the sound consistent yet different and I was happy to see the wide variety of sounds complete with groovy synth works and breathy vocals of Abhilasha.

‘Transitions’ is going to be on my ambient playlist for a long time to come.

Ever so rarely does one come across an artist capable of creating music which keeps you glued and listening for more.

We wish there was more to ‘Transitions‘ that we could hear.

Truly feel the duo has so much more to them and we all are looking forward to their next release with much anticipation.

With steady drum beats, simplistic yet beautiful synth work gives it a perfect feel-good soulful vibe surrounded by beautiful electronic works.

InBliss eloquently summarizes :

‘Transitions’ is a sneak peek into what is about to come. It is an expression of my self in an unfiltered exploration of the current mood I am in. It was an impulsive decision creating this album and project.

Shaurya adds :

InBliss is more of an alter ego sorta thing. Since we wanted to take a much different direction than what I do as Boskytoe which is a solo act, more inclined towards the EDM genre.

– Shaurya Sharma

Stream his complete EP below!

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