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Hunting Unleash New Animated Video ahead of their Album Release

Hunting unleashed a new animated video from Sparklehorse’sGold day‘.

Hunting is a Vancouver based Canadian indie electro-rock trio.

They recently released this video ahead of their new album ‘Whatever You Need’ set to release on November 1st, 2019.

Hunting was initially a solo project of singer and songwriter Bradley Ferguson.

He released his debut solo album 5 years agoHunting‘.

Hunting is barely recognizable as the same band it’s gone from a solo project to a trio, from folk to catchy electro-rock vibe, and from wistful melancholy to buoyant exuberance.

The album due for release was initially intended as a quick follow up to his 2014 debut album, but the initial sessions stalled.

Bradley put the album on the back burner and went on to produce an electro-pop LP for vocalist Jessica Yliruusi.

Eventually, he got back on track with the addition of two new members, Jessica Yliruusi & Dustin Bentall.

Together they have crafted a catchy re-do on Sparklehorse’s ‘Gold Day’.

The video is done in stop motion animation, the lyrics and imagery are inspired from Sparklehorse’s real-life history.

The video seamlessly blends with the bands muted melancholic tones and soft swooning vocals.

Created by band member Jessica as a tribute to band member and vocalist Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse.

On inquiring why they chose this particular track, Bradley explains:

“Sparklehorse’s album It’s A Wonderful Life changed my thought about songwriting and production,” My favourite has always been ‘Gold Day,’ probably the most uplifting song on that particular album.

– Bradley Ferguson

Enjoy the whimsical, quirky new video and you can now pre-order the upcoming album here.

What are your thoughts on Hunting’s cover of ‘Gold Day’? Tell us in the comments section below.

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