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GLASS DOVE Releases Video “Terrible Secrets”

Glass Dove is Joshua Benus a Nashville based Indie Rock artist recently released the video for his single “Terrible Secrets”

Terrible Secrets” is a profound thought provoking single with soaring dreamy harmonies and melancholic instrumentation.

Produced by Grammy-winning producer (and The Roots’ former bassist) Owen Biddle and Josh Kaler (Butch Walker).

The track talks about those in power who divide us to maintain their privilege and how our inaction gives voice to “Terrible Secrets”.

Glass Dove
Glass Dove

Before Josh started on his musical journey, the artist found himself faced with a series of challenges.

His story is one filled with inspiration and about the choices one makes in the face of challenges.

In 2012, an emergency surgery took a dangerous turn that left Josh in critical condition that led to an unexpectedly arduous recovery.

After some agonizing months of healing, he taught himself how to sing again.

“After my experiences, I made a pact with myself,” he admits. I decided there was no plan B.

It became evidently clear all could disappear in a blink, there was no better time than now, to pursue my art.

There was nothing more cathartic than being able to distill the bittersweet nature of the past five years into something uplifting.

Benus Reveals :

“I’ve given up counting the number of mornings that I’ve read the news and come away feeling helpless”.

– Josh Benus

I had no plans to write a political song, but I knew I had to do something to engage in the conversation, be a voice for those who don’t have one.

Benus continues his path towards new personal and musical adventures as a meditation on life’s shadows.

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