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Binaural Space Unveils Debut Album – “Encounters”

Binaural Space

Binaural Space Unveils Debut Album

Binaural Space is a music producer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Encounters is his second release and is a masterpiece of an ambient/atmospheric album.

Released on March 21st this year and we are loving the beautifully crafted music.

Each track is different with ambient undertones and mix of cinematic space music definitely to take you on a journey deep into the fathoms of space through its sci-fi story-telling music.

It is a musical trip! we definitely recommend one to take.

Our favorite track from the album “Encounters” – First Lights-out Away, definitely reminded us of an astronaut on a journey in space and could picture ourselves in a Stanley Kubrick styled sci-fi movie

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You can now purchase this entire album “Encounters” here.

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Stream the Album below!

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