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Dog Orchestra Release Music Video for single ‘Pity Party’

Dog orchestra recently released a video to accompany their latest single ‘Pity Party‘ released last month that we spoke about here at idamoss.

A brooding synth-pop single that made self-animosity sound fun.

The visuals made by the Swedish pop group and some guy called mike match the musical drapes.

‘Pity Party’ is a track to celebrate flaws that are inherent in human nature.

Nevertheless, Dog Orchestra has managed to make a catchy synth single amidst all the moping.

The video beautifully encapsulates the mood and the theme of the track.

With boiler room vibes when you enter the pity party of – One, head hanging wearily out of a car, rooms that haven’t been cleaned for months, empty pubs with strobe lights painting the environment, popcorn, wine, and pizza.

Seems like the perfect ‘Pity Party”? Well, at least we felt so!

If nothing else Dog Orchestra manages to capture the beauty in its sadness with its bleary vocals and magical synths perfectly within the video.

Stream the video complete video above!

Pity Party is the latest single by Dog Orchestra and is available to stream here.

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