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Colour Of The Jungle Release Energetic New Single ‘Steel Tray’.


Colour Of The Jungle is a band hailing from the UK, they recently released an energetic new single ‘Steel Tray’.

A five-piece garage rock band who are a group of friends and initially started jamming for fun.

Soon having realized their potential and passion, they swiftly moved to a studio and recorded their debut EP The Jungle Book.

Their catchy-but-emotional, approachable-yet-raw sound is built upon sexy bass-driven rhythms and edgy instrumentation, creating music that sticks in the head and the heart.

Inspired by iconic rock and roll greats such as Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The Growlers.

They have been captivating audiences with their vibrant songwriting and raucous energy.

The single narrates pushing through tough times when you feel the world is against you, current societal issues and how life can often feel like you’re swimming upstream.

I am really liking the vibe of the track with its jangly guitar strums and stomping percussion.

The track perfectly captures the intriguing and gritty vocals of Jack Evans, rhythmic riff and leads of Joe Costello and Brendan McVeagh, confident drum beats of Dan Fiford and complex bass lines of John Harris.

Strutting with confidence, the single is underpinned by infectious and sun-soaked melodies.

One thing is for sure Colour of the Jungle are sculpting their own identity of modern garage rock.

Stream the single below!

Connect with Colour Of The Jungle: Facebook| Instagram| Twitter.

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