ChoX Universe Unveils New Single ‘U Like’


Release Date: May 7, 2019

Album Description

ChoX Universe a.k.a Vuyo Alton Hoboyi recently unveiled a brand new single ‘U Like‘.

This optimistic 21-year-old South African rapper, songwriter, producer born and raised in Johannesburg is full of promises.

Composing music since the age of 14, inspired by the likes of Eminem, Lil Dicky, J Cole, and the late ProKid.

His new single has got all the right elements to make this a refreshingly different hip-hop single.

With some steady beats and dub-glitch soundscapes fused with his rap make for an enticingly different piece of hip-hop music.

Well-placed wobbles, synth lines, steady drum beats and fat bass make it an all-in-all a good rap track.

What I liked about his track is that it grasped my attention from the get go and I am not a hip-hop music lover, nevertheless it still got me grooving.

The track is a follow up to his previous release cigarette thoughts.

The good part about his music is that each track is different from the other and has some interesting soundscapes.

I can imagine his music playing in the background score at the end credits of a movie and it fits well.

His rap is clear and not obscure unlike a lot of other rap artists that you hear and can’t figure what they spitting.

We would love to hear what he has in store for us next!

Describing himself as a ‘storytelling kinda rapper’ but with a twist.

He adds :

“Music (Hip hop) is everything to me, I fell in love with the hip hop culture the first time I heard ‘Eminem-When I’m Gone’ my world changed ever since”

– ChoX Universe

Stream the single below!

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