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Chambalguy Releases soulful single ‘Chalein’.

Chambalguy who recently released his debuted EP “Tarana” has just released this soulful single ‘Chalein‘.

The single is accompanied by a video which beautifully captures the theme of the song.

Chalein” (meaning “let’s go”) is a song about freedom.

I am really liking the soulful voice of Chambalguy with beautiful pieces of the cello and acoustic guitar strums.

The song is an inspiration for those times in our lives when we feel stuck and entrapped by a situation.

Relatively new to the Indian music industry, I think Chambalguy is making strides in the right direction.

With his soulful music which is soothing to the heart and comforting with a message.

Chambalguy has changed my whole perspective toward Indian music with his heartwarming lyrics and music.

Offering diversity among a sea of market that is overflooded with music which is rather mundane.

Chambalguy adds :

“Many times in our lives we feel trapped, we are confused and we are not able to move forward. It’s about learning from mistakes and moving on, forward, because, in the end, all you’ve got is ‘YOU’.”

– Chambalguy

I like the freshness of his music packed with beautiful yet simplistic elements.

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Artwork and Video by Praveen Chandran

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  • Ratnakar Gaur July 8, 2019 // 9:04 pm

    Wonderful! This is so amazing! Kudos Somanshu!❤️

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