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We are excited to announce the IDAMOSS SYSTEMS Rewards / Referrals & Cashback Program!

The Cashback & referral is only valid for People purchasing using Indian Banks.

You have the option to top up your wallet, so you do not have to use your card every time.

Wallet : This is a digital wallet where your credits are stored.

Ways In Which You can Earn CashBack / Credits :

  • Referrals
  • Complete A Purchase

Referrals : Each Time You refer a friend and they sign-up to complete a purchase. You will be awarded with cashback amount into your wallet.

Complete A Purchase : Every time you complete a Purchase a certain amount will be credited into your digital wallet.

How Much Is Credited?

The amount that is credited is based on the purchase amount (total cost).

Where & When Can I Use This?

You can use this money that is credited into your wallet to purchase future items / tickets from our stores at IDAMOS SYSTEMS.

You are only entitled to use upto INR. 40/- rupees from your wallet at a time for every INR 1000/- that you spend.

For E.g. : Ticket cost is INR. 2000/- you are entitled to Rupees INR. 80/- off.

There is no limit to the amount you can use from your wallet for every INR 1000/- that you spend.

Where Can you View The Details :

Once you Sign-Up and Create an account – A wallet Icon would be displayed on the top right hand side corner of the screen.

When you click on this option it will take you to your dashboard and provide you with various options (top-up, referrals, etc.)

Rules & Regulations For Cashback :

IDAMOS SYSTEMS reserves all rights to withdraw this facility at anytime at its own discretion.

IDAMOS SYSTEMS may choose to disallow this facility during certain periods or events at its own discretion.

If Cashback functionality has been used, IDAMOS SYSTEMS may at anytime decline the offer and contact the customer via phone / email to pay the balance amount.

If at any time someone is found misusing this functionality which disrupts or harms the business, they will be liable for legal proceedings and the charges incurred as a result of those proceedings (including lawyer fees, etc.)

IDAMOS SYSTEMS has the last say on and may choose to refuse this service to any person / groups of individuals.

If at anytime IDAMOS SYSTEMS decides to withdraw this offer, the cashback balance in the wallet will be nullified and IDAMOS SYSTEMS will not be held responsible or liable for the balance unless the customer has done a Wallet Top up.

In which case the customer will be given the option to utilize the money for a purchase in the future or a Refund.

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