Already Maged

Already Maged


Already Maged is Egor Yudin, who was born on may the 8th 1983 in an artists' family. Sounds of electronic music touched him at the age of 15, during his school days in Lviv - Ukrainian provincial town. A little bit later under the strong impression of IDM, experimental and rave music, Gosha took his first steps towards musical creation at Fast Tracker 2.

Unforgettable acquaintance with psychedelic music happened at the end of April 1998 at a party organized by present good friends - Shiva Group and Trootootoo. Egor opens up as Dj Ogg and begins to organize psytrance parties in his own town.

In 2000 he enters architectural faculty and takes to trash and pagan-black metal music. At the same time Gosha plays at youth theater, rehearsals often take place in Karpathian mountains due to the young experimental spirit of the stage-producer. Then with friends Egor tries himself as a drummer in an unknown band. Finally, much affected by Egor's love of fantasy fiction, the conception of Already Maged project is borne the same year. First track was released in 2006. Presently the project is developing more and more..

Egor is also a producer of two side projects: experimental - 'Yum Tsgi' and 'Goa-Punk' influenced by Suomi and Australian sound. Until now both remain unreleased.

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