Anamnesis is Leo Anamnesis inhabitant of Buenos Aires, Quilmes. interested in music where he has memory he knew the psychdelic trance from going to psyco underground parties in different parts of capital and Argentina in 2005. Festivals such as Alien Ritual were decisive when deciding to make a contribution also to psychedelia .The following year 2006 listen Derango cd: Tumult! Some of the most influential CDs in the development and interest in the psychedelic trance. It was through great musicians and friends that he started to train as a producer in 2009 Anamnesis makes a track with a great friend Nofugnosis the track is Leprechauns the result of this was to never stop making music.The following year 2010 Anamnesis is lucky enough to know the Pandora's Box (Pandora's Box!) And they make a track with one of them, a totally influential alien in music and individual development as producer and person. Since then music and production has never stopped. The year 2013 the Pandora's box opens again to make a track with Anamnesis again the result the melodies environments samples of those tracks describe what for us is Forest!The music and the live set of Anamnesis is a tribute to great artists composed of melodies and harmonies oriented with frequencies connected with the depth of the forest and its symbols bases and changing bmp's varying from 148 to 160 bmp's trying never to forget that the music is the fundamental tool to cross to the other side and try as much as possible to return with something valuable with more love to share with all of this almost no doubt when you are there the Set manipulates atmospheres, atmospheres, leads, melodies, rhythmic bases and groover as I walk through computers and sound synthesizers to bring you valuable information and use it is an invitation to know the forest its symbols to yourself to the world that surrounds us.

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