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[Q&A] An Exclusive Interview with Aranyadhwani – A Psychedelic Collective


It’s time for another round of Q&A, this time around we have an exclusive release interview with Indian origin AranyadhwaniA Psychedelic Collective.

Aranyadhwani is a brand new psychedelic collective supporting forest and nature inspired trance in India.

Why collective and not a record label you may ask?

Because they are anything unlike your conventional record label.

With their out of the box radical approach to the music biz as compared to the traditional record labels.

I connected with Vishal Reghunath aka Ultapulter, to know more about their radical thought-provoking concept.

Aranyadhwani has great ambitions and strong ethics, they care about their surroundings, and the society they live in at large.

Here is what they had to say –

Aranyadhwani - A Psychedelic Collective

Tell us a little about yourself, Vishal :

I am the co-founder and curator of Aranyadhwani, a brand new psychedelic collective supporting forest and nature-inspired psy trance in India.

As a DJ, I am heavily inspired by forest psytrance. Also, known as scando or Scandinavian style.

This particular style of music incorporates organic techniques into the music production.

Who are your biggest inspiration?

Biggest inspirations in no particular order of preference or genres are;

Derango, Purosurpo, Procs, Gong, Acid Mother’s Temple, Pink Floyd, Alice Coltrane, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Tipper, Death and many more…

Who are the members of your team?

The founding members of the Aranyadhwani are me and two very good mates, Adamya and Akshay.

Being a free form collective, we have no set terms for membership.

We have kind of developed an unspoken manifesto to run the collective on.

Since our inception, we have added good friends, who work in different roles across the psychedelic space in India as honorary members of the collective.

We grow stronger and bigger every day. We are a free form cult in a way.

Anyone who shares our deviance’s is welcome to join the fold.

Aranyadhwani Logo

How did you decide that you wanted to go into the music business?

It may sound blasphemous coming from someone representing the music “industry”.


At Aranyadhwani, we can’t seem to look at music as a business.

Being members from diverse cultural and social backgrounds helped finding an affinity towards each other through a unified musical sensibility.

We had near-ritualistic experiences on our trips to the woods together and connected through organic music.

These experience corroborated into collective enthusiasm for certain forms of music.

It made us want to try and use our shared experiences. Fueling our desire to start a collective that promoted the same alternative stream.

Did you have a clue as to what aspect of the business you might want to be involved in at that time?

The decision to start a collective came to me in a flash, as with most decisions in life it was an impulsive one.

Although I’m not sure for how long before it was nascent in me.

I first shared the idea with the co-founders in February of 2018 and there was no looking back since.

We all agreed that India presented very minimal space for promoting left of field musical sensibilities.

Even within a niche genre like psytrance, majoritarianism and purely commercial pursuits from organizers and labels were diluting the psychedelic experience.

We wanted to blur the lines or at least bring the lines closer between performers, consumers, and promoters.

Aranyadhwani party images

We also produce music, curate and perform DJ sets and organize live gatherings apart from our releases.

At Aranyadhwani, we want to create a forest-inspired tribe both locally & globally.

How did The Idea of Aranyadhwani come about?

Two reasons; Firstly due to pure love and secondly due to frustration.

The idea originated through pure love to anything natural.

The frustration is with what man has done to nature and to himself in the process.

Tell us a little bit more about the concept behind  Aranyadhwani?

Aranyadhwani literally means sounds of the forest.

The concept is to provide a platform for diverse projects in what’s called the “forest psy” space.

Aranyadhwani Dendrophonia Album description

Forest psy is a sub-genre of psychedelic trance which takes inspiration from sounds of nature.

We have pledged to use all of our profits and some of the income from our sales to be utilized in various initiatives that are pro-nature.

For our debut compilation Dendrophonia, for every copy sold we planted a tree through our affiliate eco-partners.

Our aim is to be part music label and part eco helpers.

Dendrophonia album artwork

With any artist that you sign, what are some of the elements that get you excited to sign on an artist?

At present we are largely working with newer producers so freshness and variety.

Certainly, the craft displayed by the producer to present a story through music plays an important part.

We understand the intrinsic value of human relations, so personalities and communication also play an important role.

Would you say Aranyadhwani is Forest Psy collective?

Yes, our primary focus is on the forest psychedelic music aimed for night time meditations.

However, we are constantly expanding our horizons and exploring uncharted territories.

Aranyadhwani party images

In the future, we plan to work with other sub-streams such as psychedelic, ambient or chillout and freeform Suomi-inspired psytrance as well.

What inspired you to start Aranyadhwani?

Some of the music we experienced collectively by itself was one of the major inspirations.

The other major factor was that we felt there was lack of support for more low-key and underground projects.

The majority of fans and promoters work on ideals of populism and celebrity alone.

We feel this stifles creativity and creates a lot of redundancy which everyone seems to be okay with.

Our hope is to try & topple that equation a bit.

To create a space for alternative freeform music inspired by nature.

How did the Idea Originate?

The idea originated & took shape on one of several misadventures and procrastination sprees that we often undertake by telepathically working out a manifesto!

What do you bring to the table viz-a-viz other rec labels out there?

We aren’t a conventional label in the sense, which is why we call our selves a psychedelic collective.

While labels sign producers and DJs arrive at a uniform or signature style, we believe in supporting diversity.

Our artists are not “signed” with us like conventional labels;

We contract artists on merit of their compositions fitting the kind of auditory narratives we want to create.

Our releases rarely see repetition as far as the featured projects are concerned.

The forest psy region has many skilled contributors and we would love to capture that diversity.

Aranyadhwani party flyer for Agnosia

We also play multiple roles of being music producers, DJs, organizers, album curators, tour managers, etc.

This gives us the liberty to have some exclusivity with what we do.

What’s the year ahead like for Aranyadhwani?

Going into the second year of our existence things are definitely growing and scaling up.

We exist in a very underground music space and are continuing to forge relationships and build networks.

Bringing together some very special and deep music out from these networks.

We are also planning to create a web link to be more accessible for people on the inter webs.

Dendrophonia CD

Do you take/accept unsolicited tapes from artists?

Yes, indeed! We are always excited to hear unreleased music in any form and are always on the lookout.

Being a new label it’s been the other way around though and we have been scouting for projects.

With more releases and consequent exposure, we hopefully start receiving more unsolicited demos.

Until then, we are having great fun exploring the deep underground for pearls.

People look at Record labels in the “commercial sense” as an evil corporation that binds the artists to sell out / churn out music, what is your take on this?

I think enough and more has been spoken and written about both sides of the argument (if there is one at all).

It is however, important to note the counter argument, the benefit artists get of associating with record labels.

Also, if you look at the evolution of the music industry, from solo and group instrumentalists of yesteryear’s.

Record labels offer the audience more of a package with art complimenting music which would be difficult for most musicians to source.

Labels have played an important part by providing far wider reach to audiences.

For the kind of music we promote ours is still an indie industry, the audience only runs into thousands.

The dynamics and economics of the commercial music industry are very different to the one we exist in.

In our model, only the artists and musicians make the profits.

Our belief is more in an inclusive and collaborative model.

What are the upcoming events, releases to look out for?

We have a very exciting year coming up ahead.

Our latest release is the debut album of a fresh Ukrainian project called Ant-Ti.

The album, Forge of Life, would be Ant-Ti’s first solo release and features some cutting edge signature music.

Agnosia 2 by Aranyadhwani

Next year we have compilation exclusively featuring Indian forest / dark psy music.

We feel India has a wealth of untapped talent when it comes to psychedelic art and music.

The aim of this album would be to transcend this attitude and create a platform for Indian forest psy.

To be able to help create an identity of it’s own.

Maybe, like Scandinavian forest or more recently Brazilian forest, Suomi, Japanese new wave etc.

We will be continuing the Dendrophonia series, with the next installment projected to release early in 2020.

We are gearing up for Agnosia 2, which is the second version of our annual gathering.


It will be held in Goa around the first week of February in 2020.

We are extremely excited with some of the bookings made for the gig.

The work is in progress and the complete line-up and more information on this will be out by August.

Watch the event space on idamoss or visit our fb page for more information on our upcoming events.

Tell us a little bit more on the recent release with Ant-Ti?

We are really excited with this release with Ant-Ti.

The Ant-Ti project was born through accumulating knowledge of psychedelic music and art.

Ant believes in the entirety of the psychedelic culture and philosophy beyond just the music.

Using guidance of psychedelic art, the colourful illustrations without a clear meaning.

This inspired him to create a musical experience on similar terms.

The album is a result of more than a decade of exploration in psychedelic shamanism.

You can now purchase both their albums Dendrophonia and the more recent album by Ant-Ti here at an exclusive discounted rate.

On a personal Note :

I am really happy to see that there is a company out there taking the initiative to do something different.

Unlike your conventional corporate record labels who are only in it purely for the monetary gains.

Personally I support their cause and I think more initiatives such as theirs must be taken up.

We leave you with two of their most recent albums released. Listen below!

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2289323065 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2684857517 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

What do you think of their approach to the music industry?

Tell us in the comments section below!

Connect with Aranyadhwani: Facebook

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