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About Us

If you are a budding artists or an established one, Idamos Systems is here to help you book more gigs and help you grow twice as fast.

We at Idamos Systems ask you to see us as a member of your team, our mission is to help you get more gigs and at all the time making sure that all the administrative and tedious logistics aspects are taken care of.

Idamos Systems is here to simplify every aspect of your workflow and collaboration between Agents, Artists & Organizers. We are here to help you focus on your artists’ career development instead of the booking management and administration.

We are convinced that collaboration is the key to success that’s why we built Idamos Systems leaving you more time to focus on the most important thing: Your Music.


As you know our website is absolutely free of charge.

Unfortunately, as all things are in this society we need a way to be able to generate revenue to keep the website up and running.

We needed a way to be able to continue doing what we do!

So we figured what best way than to extend our support to the industry in way of offering to sell event/festival tickets.

This is when we decided to roll out the feature of e-tickets on our platform, which gives us an opportunity to continue doing what we like and serving the industry at large.

We provide the exact same service as any e-ticketing platform out there and more, whatever your need, you just need to tell us and we will get it done.

It is simple without the extra load of shelling out tons of cash to the ticketing platforms for a simple service that we provide – Selling Tickets.

We have created a never before seen in industry flexible pricing options (most platforms will charge you a fixed percentage on each sale).

Us being us, we wanted to do things a bit differently and bring a change, as we have made it very clear, we want our fellow patrons to flourish and not stifle growth by taking a huge bite out of their earnings.

//How we do this you may ask?

We take a very marginal cut, this is only so we can keep ourselves afloat and maintain the website and achieve the larger goals at hand that we set ourselves to do.

Which is to create an eco-system for artists & organizers and like minded individuals to be able to co-exist and flourish.

WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT NOT TO CREATE A CRUTCH, we look at the larger picture at hand and not at our own needs of monetary gains.

Our aim is simple spread Joy & Love!

Why Us?

We help you forget all the administrative aspects, think of us as your team who is working diligently all the while to get you the best possible output.

Worldwide Music Distribution

Get your music playing and sold all across the globe.

Keep 100% of Your Sales (Except e-tickets)

IDAMOSS never takes a cut of your sales. Every penny you earn is put right into your pocket.


Never before prices seen in the industry, with flexible pricing options.

Comprehensive Sales Data

Find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming your music so you can increase marketing efforts and plan tours around those cities.

Free Of Cost

Other Websites Charge You.. We Don’t…

There are NO COSTS involved in Signing Up with us EVER.

Whether you are an INDIVIDUAL who simply likes to keep updated about upcoming events, music, releases, parties in your town or elsewhere.


If you are an ARTIST/ RECORD LABEL hosting your work (sale of albums), up coming events, etc..  


You are an ORGANIZER/PROMOTER simply looking to inform your audiences about your upcoming Festivals, Music events, Promotions, etc…

We also do Digital Marketing campaigns from time-to-time which in turn helps you increase your overall digital presence and online footprint for Artists, Track or Album Releases, Promotions for Upcoming Events, Festivals, Clubs,..etc.. Giving you the edge you need.

Its all done HERE, Its All FREE of Charge..

How It Works?

We provide a platform for artists to come and host their profile and their work, where managers, clubs, agents, organizers can come and book you for an event.

Once an Organizer books you for the gig he has to make the payment in advance to a centralized account of IDAMOSS this way you donโ€™t have to worry about the payment after you have completed your performance, the amount paid is transferred over to you after you have completed the gig and it has been confirmed.

The Organizer can focus on more important aspects of the event after he has booked you and we take care of the rest of the logistics, from your plane ticket, to your domestic transport, your hotel stay, any additional requirements you have, all the way to the venue for your Performance. On time!

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